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Kamla Health Care

Kamla Health Care is a Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh-headquartered Homeopathic Clinic focused on providing high-quality in-person consultation as well as teleconsultation based healthcare services. Today we have established two branches of physical homeopathy treatment clinic in Kanpur as well as a dedicated teleconsultation center to treat patients all over India. Our mission is to provide world-class homeopathic treatment to every corner of India via a two-fold approach of physical clinics and tele-medicine.

  • Teleconsultation & video consultation facility.

  • We record everything from symptoms to prescription.

  • Team of specialized and experienced Doctors & well experienced supporting staff .

  • Specialized Healthcare Manager for follow ups.

  • We provide exercise videos and Diet charts as per patient’s requirement.

  • Serving patients from Metro cities to rural areas and hilly areas of Jammu & Kashmir and  Uttarakhand also.

  • Served more than 7 Lakh patient’s till now.

  • We’ve 99% patient cured Ratio.

Best Homeopathic Clinic in Kanpur
Best Homeopathic Clinic in Kanpur


India's Leading Homeopathic Clinic

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Homeopathic Treatments for Major Diseases

Gastric Disease TreatmentGastric Disease Treatment
Kidney Disease TreatmentKidney Disease Treatment
Female Disease TreatmentFemale Disease Treatment
Male Disease TreatmentMale Disease Treatment
Heart Disease TreatmentHeart Disease Treatment
Allergy TreatmentAllergy Treatment
Joint Disease TreatmentJoint Disease Treatment
Skin Disease TreatmentSkin Disease Treatment
Respiratory Disease TreatmentRespiratory Disease Treatment
Piles fistula fissure TreatmentPiles fistula fissure Treatment
Eye Disease TreatmentEye Disease Treatment
ENT Disease TreatmentENT Disease Treatment
Height Increase TreatmentHeight Increase Treatment
Hair Disease TreatmentHair Disease Treatment

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Happy Patients

Read what our satisfied patients have to say about our homeopathic treatments.

I have been visiting Kamla Health Care for a few months now and I have seen a significant improvement in my health. The homeopathic treatments are truly effective.

Sara Sharma


I highly recommend Kamla Health Care to anyone looking for a reliable and effective homeopathic clinic. The doctors are knowledgeable and caring.

woman in green robe sitting on chair
woman in green robe sitting on chair
Rahul Mehta


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We have Highly qualified MD Doctors in our panel

Dr R K Singh Homeopathy
Dr R K Singh Homeopathy
Dr Jyoti Dutt Homeopathy
Dr Jyoti Dutt Homeopathy

MD (Homeopathy)

DR. Jyoti Dutt

MD (Homeopathy)

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